The Thirties
1935 Report to Trotsky Regarding the Prospects in Ireland (Letter by Ken Johnstone)

1936 Correspondence between Nora Connolly O'Brien and Leon Trotsky (Workers Republic, 1989)

Kathleen Ni Houlihan's Newest Saviour (The New International, June 1936

1938 Letter by James T. Farrell to Trotsky (December 1938)

1939 The Struggle for Ireland by William Morgan (The New International, April 1939)

1939 Letter from Sherman Stanley (The New International, May 1939)

1939 Ireland and Ulster, Letter from VF (The New International, June 1939)

1939 Irish Labor and the Bombings Letter from 'MacCausland' (The New International, August 1939)

The Forties
1940 The Labour Movement and the National Struggle, Bob Armstrong vs Jock Haston (January 1940)

1940 Note on National Defence, Paddy Trench

1942 International Notes: Ireland, Paddy Trench (Fourth International, December 1942)

1943 Police Regime in Northern Ireland, Bob Armstrong (Workers' International News, February-March 1943)

1943 The Easter Rebellion by Oscar Williams (Fourth International, April 1943)

1943 Notes from Belfast by Bob Armstrong (Socialist Appeal, Mid-June 1943)

1944 Fourth International Theses on Ireland

1944 TUC Betrayed, Leaflet Issued by Revolutionary Socialist Party (Irish Section 4th International, 1944)

1944 CP Policy in Ireland, Bob Armstrong, (Socialist Appeal Supplement, Mid-August 1944)

1945 Irish Militant Deported (Socialist Appeal, Mid-February 1945)

1945 Workers of Belfast! Revolutionary Socialist Party Leaflet (April 1945)

1945 Vote Labour – But Without Illusions! Election Statement of Revolutionary Socialist Party (Trotskyist)

1946 In Defense of Revisionism, by Armstrong and Merrigan (SWP International Information Bulletin, 1947)

1947 The First Irish Marxist: A Portrait of James Connolly, by James T Farrell (The New International, 1947)

1948 Connolly as Nationalist and Internationalist, by James T Farrell (The New International, 1948)

1948 Connolly's Democratic Views, by James T Farrell (The New International, 1948)

1948 The Politics of Connolly's Catholicism, by James T Farrell (The New International, 1948)

1948 The Link Between Connolly's Catholicism and Marxism, by James T Farrell (The New International, 1948)

1949 Fourth International IEC Resolutions on Armstrong & Others (SWP Internal Bulletins, 1949)

The Seventies
1973 Irish Nationalism and British Imperialism, by Robert Dorn (DR O'Connor Lysaght)

1976 Interview given by John Byrne to Al Richardson in London (September 1976)

1977 Theses on Ireland (Spartacist no 24, Autumn 1977)

The Eighties
1986 Interview with CLR James (Revolutionary History)

1987 Discussion between Richard (Dick) Montague and Ciaran Crossey, Belfast

The Nineties
1990 The survival of the Irish national question (International Marxist Review, Summer 1990)

The Zeros
2000 Matt Merrigan – a Political Assessment, by DR O'Connor Lysaght


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