The Communist Party of Ireland
A Critical History, Appendix by DR O'Connor Lysaght, 1976

Stalinism and the British & Irish Communist Organisation

'This two nations theory is now being put forward, in an oblique way, by both Government and Opposition spokesmen. The only organisation to come out with it openly has been the tiny group calling itself the British and Irish Communist Organisation. It also backed entry into the Common Market. It thus supported the two main policies of the upper classes of both North and South. Why it calls itself 'Communist' is a mystery.'

A. Raftery, The Exploited Island, p.9

There is no room, here, to do justice to the remarkable British and Irish Communist Organisation. A detailed study may be made elsewhere – though even here, there is much that is likely to remain a mystery for some time.

All that is necessary here is to defend the BICO from the accusation that, somehow or other, it is less a 'Communist' (read, for both organisations 'Stalinite') body than the Communist Party of Ireland. As it will, itself, be the first to boast it is, at least, formally more Stalinite than its denouncer. It publishes and sells far more pamphlets by Stalin than the CPI does through New Books. Its only disagreements with the late General Djugashvili seems to be his definition of a nation and in his appreciation of imperialism (in Foundations of Leninism). Indeed its career lends justification to the Trotskyists who have always maintained that Stalin's theory (with the possible exception, precisely, of Marxism and the National Question) was one of his least successful ventures.



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