1920 Second Congress of the Communist International

1920 Report of the Socialist Party of Ireland to the Third International, Marxist Review (Jan-Feb 1973)

1922 Up the Rebels!, The Communist (11 March 1922)

1922 From the Executive Committee of the Comintern, Workers' Republic (1 July 1922)

1922 Communism versus Reforms,
E. Sylvia Pankhurst, Workers' Dreadnought, August 1922

1922 Irish Communist Policy, Letter by Anton Pannekoek in Workers’ Dreadnought, 30 September 1922.

1923 Communist International Resolution on the Terror in Saorsát Éireann, Workers' Republic (6 January 1923)

1925 Visit of Shapurja Saklatvala to Dublin

1935 De Valera and Britain's War Plans, International Press Correspondence (8 June 1935)

1936 Fourth Year of Economic War, International Press Correspondence (11 January 1936)

1936 Eleventh Hour for the Irish Republican Army, International Press Correspondence (4 July 1936)

1976 The Communist Party of Ireland: A Critical History, DR O'Connor Lysaght





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