Communist International Resolution on the Terror in Saorsát Éireann
Workers' Republic, 6 January 1923

The following resolution was proposed by Comrade R. Connolly, on behalf of the delegation of the Communist Party of Ireland, at the Final Plenary Session of the Fourth World Congress of the Communist International, on December 6th, and adopted unanimously, ...

The Fourth Congress of the Communist International vigorously protests against the executions by the Irish Free State of the five national revolutionaries on November 17th and 25th. It draws the attention of all the workers and peasants of the world to this savage culmination of a widespread and ferocious terror in Ireland. Already more than 6,000 valiant fighters against British Imperialism have been thrown into jails under nauseating conditions; scores of women have been compelled to hunger strike in prison and already 1,800 casualties have resulted from five months struggle against this Terror which has produced samples of horrible atrocities unparalleled by the British Black and Tans, the Italian Fascist, or the American Trust Thugs. The Free State which has unhesitatingly used the British supplied artillery and munitions, rifles and bombs, and even aeroplanes with death dealing machine guns on crowds of ordinary people as well as on the armed revolutionaries, has capped all this by the brutal execution of five men on the charge of merely having arms in their possession. This desperate shooting of prisoners is a direct outcome of the declared bankruptcy of the Free State and is a last resort on its part to crush the resistance of the Irish masses fighting against their enslavement to the British Empire. The crushing of the Republicans can only result in firmly establishing an Imperialist Terrorist Government which will not hesitate to attack the Irish working class movement with the same brutal weapons upon the first signs of an advance to power or to better conditions. This being undeniably so, the action of the majority of the Labour Party headed by Johnson, in supporting these executions, is the most criminal betrayal that these traitors to the working class have yet perpetrated particularly so when even the most reactionary Irish capitalist organ that called aloud for the blood of Connolly in 1916, deprecates this action of the Government. The Comintern warns the working class of Ireland against these betrayals of the ideals of Connolly and Larkin, and points out to the Irish workers and peasants that the only road out of this Free State terrorism and imperialist oppression lies through an organised and co-ordinated struggle as well as the military field. The struggle with arms alone if not supplemented and reinforced by political and industrial action will inevitably fail. To win success the masses must be mobilised against the Free State, and this can only be done on the basis of the Social Programme of the Communist Party of Ireland.

The CI sends fraternal greetings to the struggling Irish national revolutionaries and feels assured that they will soon tread the only path that leads to real freedom – the path of Communism. The CI will assist all efforts to organise the struggle to combat this terror and to help the Irish workers and peasants to victory.

Long live the Irish national struggle for Independence.

Long live the Workers' Republic of Ireland.

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